Some of the things guy likes about girls

I am sure some of my valued reader would not agree with some of the points mentioned below but since it is written merely for fun purpose, I hope I would be forgiven.

Some of the things guy likes about girls;

1. The way she pretends not to see you when you are around her.

2. The way she plays with small kids making all those funny faces.

3. The way she acts not to care about you but seeing you in pain triggers a tears  upon her heavenly face.

4. The way she tries to act so tough there by ending up looking cute.

5. The way she does research on the boy they like better than CID Officers.

6. The way she cries over emotional movies.

7. The way she protects and cares about the family.

8. The way she hits you trying to make it hurt but you feel like a cotton ball hitting you.

9. The way she acts dominant in a relationship but ends up always being a soft one.

10. The way she keep records of all your bad habits and helps you to over come it.

11. The way she hugs you trying to make up for her mistake.

12. The way she tries so hard trying to impress her inlaws.

13. The way she gets angry and shouts at you over something you forgot to buy or forgets to do always.

14. The way she says, "What will you do without me" with a serious look.

15. The way she takes around 15 selfie and commands you to select one, although all looks the same...

16. The way she tries on every cloth in a shop and ends up buying nothing and you end up taking her to next garment shop.

17. The way she hates you when you are with your best girl-friend having a good talk.

18. The way she always tries to see with whom you are chatting with and whom you have added on your wechat and Facebook. Although this might also be a negative point 😂😂😂

19. The way she tries to blend in with your friends.

20. The way she tries to dig up your secrets from your best friends.

21. Finally the way she loves you without any conditions and tries to be your second mom.

If I have missed any points that might be needed to be added, please let me know la... happy reading... Hope it brought some smile on my valued readers.


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