Her reply

I am not sure why you love,
When you know that you will get hurt,
Is it worth going for,
Wasting both time and money.
For just a short happy moment.

I don't know why you love,
For all it gives in return is pain,
Everlasting sorrow and regret.
It takes more than it gives
For a few moments of happiness.

Firstly do what you came to do,
Than may be later go for love.
When one has  job and status,
One can get the one you love.
Why waste your time for now.

I am not saying you not to love,
All I am saying is, its not the right time.
So let's study hard and build out future.
A future both of us will be proud of.
Lets work towards it pintoo.

Frankly saying I am afraid of being in love,
The memory of past still haunts me,
I have known you well to judge you,
You deserve the best one out there,
I have past experience that won't let me.

I am not sure how you will react,
For all I have is a sincere apology;
An apology to try to make up,
An apology I owe you for replying late.
An apology for leaving you where you are now.

If we are meant to be in future,
I will be the luckiest girl out there.
If our path ever comes across each other,
Please don't hesitate to hug me.
For no one has and will ever come so close to me as you.

I still remember the first time I saw you,
You were there near the gate all wet,
Both of us were late for assembly.
I felt a relief that I wasn't alone that day.
We both got a punishment to cut grass,

I knew that you liked me.
I am sorry for not letting you know.
I knew from the very beginning you liked me.
My friend Pema told me about you.
I was scared of being in love again.

I am glad I met someone like you.
The way you cheered me up after every unit test,
Made me feel how lucky I was to have you.
I am surely blessed to have met you.
Thank you for always being there.

By the time you will receive this,
I would be gone by then.
I will pray for our path to cross.
I will pray that your dream comes true.
I will pray that our karma let us Unite.


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