I promise you (Chapter 1)

Cold winter with its own blessing and curse blew over the small town of Haa. Hardly any one was noticeable in and around Haa town. Pema with all her luggage just arrived in a bus from Phuentsholing.

With a smile on her face, doubt in her heart she just unloaded the luggage from the bus. As she looks around to see her aunt, a small boy with a cute smile comes near her and wishes her,  "Mathang nan aopha mo."

She gets the shock of her life.

Still unable to digest his words, she just smiles back and says, "Mathang? Ebi mathang ya... Jang mangi na wai."

The small boy just smiles and runs away behind a car where a man is patiently waiting in a car. As she tries to look closely who the man was, a soft voice with a sweet breeze of tone calls from behind her, "Hey! Tshering, come out and help me with this luggage. "

To her astonishment, she saw her childhood friend Tshering coming out of the car, he just smiled at her and went to help the lady who was calling him.

Thousand thoughts ran into her mind, the flash back occurs...

She still remembers the day when he kneeled down and proposed her after being friends for nearly a 7 years. She found herself in a situation where she had to choose between losing him forever or being with him in a new relationship.

She never thought about being more than a bestfriend to him, for he has seen her cry over the breakups for years and always found him to be a consoler for her.

She has been in so many relationships  that she felt awkward to accept or reject his proposal.

He was still on his knees with a red rose and a spark in his eyes. His words were so heavy to digest, he kept on saying why he loved her and why he never found any girl worth going for.

She just smiled at him and asked him for few days time to think over it. He was happy beyond words. He suddenly shouted and jumped  up while tried to control his emotion before saying, "You can take all the time you need, I will be there just for you."

As she looks at him, helping that lady, she whispers to herself, "He hasn't changed a bit, same all Tshering with his fake smile and trying to act cool."

Luaggage was quite heavy, she saw Tshering was having a hard time carrying it towards his car yet he acted as if he was strong.

As he came near her, the same old feelings rushed in, making her feel awkward again to face him after 7 years gap.

She still don't remember how they ended up being so apart. All she remembers was seeing him in tears and after that he just vanished from her life.

She searched him everywhere but no one knew of his whereabout. That day she lost one of the most loved person in her life, she felt lost, alone, uncomplete and most of all she lost a person who has always been there in her ups and downs. She always found him by her side, she regreted for not accepting his proposal.

As he keeps on helping that lady, she just can't believe he is right there in front of her eye.

She felt that this was the best moment to share him what she felt after losing him for last 7 years. As she goes near him, she hears a honk of a car. There she sees her aunt smiling with all her 32 teeth towards her.


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