Miss you

I met you as a schoolmate,
Wanted you as a life mate.
Never told you what I felt
Until it was too late.

You wanted only friends
But I didn't agree.
You never knew what I felt,
Until it was too late for you to accept.

You had to go to other school,
I was left here like a fool.
You never told me why?
Why you never shared what you felt?

You cried when you left me,
But I cried when ever I went to school.
Never knew how important you were
Until it was too late for me.

You may have cried once
But I cried everytime
I think about you,
I really miss you

Yet we will meet again thats a promise

(I wrote this piece when I was in high school... Memories flows in flooding you with everything you once felt while writing this... Feels funny but I am glad I could re-live those moments again...)


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