Survival of the fittest

Amazing were those days filled with ambitions and dreams,
Now life has become merely a survival of the fittest.Nothing makes sense now, all are for themselves.
I am becoming someone I don't want to become.Life has a funny way of telling us that it hates us,
I can see lots of people suffering while trying to make their life worth living.Thousand thoughts and million ideas can't change the fact of life,
Fact that life is, life was and life will always be a battle to survive.Survival instinct is what drives us into someone we are not.
Into someone whom we hate becoming.Life and it's survival for the fittest can't be denied now nor in future.
All we need is a stupid ideology that we are surviving and thriving...       - Thought Printed Into Words-

Appreciate yourself

Be happy with what you have today for tomorrow isn't promised to be there.Be happy for today is all that matters and tomorrow is just an illusion which may or may not occur.Do what you have to do today for you may miss the chance tomorrow.Do what makes you happy, rest is just  secondary.Share what you feel you must share when you have the time and energy to do so.Laugh when you can and cry when you must for everyone is too busy fighting their own life challenges.Be yourself and try to fit in, if you doesn't fit, maybe you are not meant for it. Just try somewhere else.Life has never been easy for those who fought against it, just move with flow of it and try to make necessary changes.Appreciate all the small things that gives you happiness today, for it may be the only things that ever made you smile in your past when you look back few years later.Apologise when you are wrong, and fight back if you are right, these world is little messy and make it clear yourself.Best of all, s…

Past still hovers around

Somewhere I found a glimpse of hope,
A hope of being into love again.
A hope which was not there seems to blossoms.
Blossoming into perfect little flower of love.Blossoming with the passing of time.
Enriched with each passing time with you.
I found myself once again embracing that little flower.
With love of shower I kept it alive.A winter thought still hovers over my mind,
A thought of dead flower that once blossomed into cruel world.
Crushed by the fake promises of strom.
With draught of love and care.I am still holding those memories intact with me,
Memories that haunts me everytime I feel the love.
Love so beautiful yet processes a devasting power.
Power those inherited by the God's of destruction.
Power to annihilate the existence of someone's presence.Annihilated into being a stranger again.
Those feelings, those memories still remains like a haunted dream.
A dream I am yet to wake myself from.Every memories I create with you acts like dejavu.
Every moment with you rem…

***I will keep writing for the sake of my old hobby of maintaining diary.***

As the river flows below the bridge,
I am just watching it's flow.
Just like the flow of life's actions.
Moment once missed can't be brought back.Every past deeds flows like a river through my memory bank.
Feels overwhelmed with its force of flow.
All I can capture is mere droplets of it to write onto paper.Capturing even 5% of those memory flow,
Can make my little writing hobby incredible beyond its aprehensing capability.
How I try everyday to make my capturing power great and strong.Eagerness to jot down every little things I go through,
Plays like a magic to make my writeup fun to read later in near future.
Those writeup serves as a diary I once use to write so dearly.
Sad it is to think about losing a favourite hobby you once had.This new hobby to jot down, scribble down and save it onto miniblog is amazing as keeping a diary.How I wish I never skipped writing my diary for now every diary serves me as a beautiful past and every minidetails flashbacks the incidences I …

The beauty that I felt and saw

Sometimes it's not the color or the skin type that defines how someone looks beautiful. 
Sometimes the way they speak and they way they behave shows how beautiful they are in real life.
I found her to be beautiful beyond words could express and beyond beautiful word itself.
If beauty has a limit then I must say... her beauty breaks all bounds and all limits to be set.
No one is said to be more beautiful than Thik lay Choma but the combined outer and inner beauty of her can even surpass the beauty that of Godess Thik Lay Choma.
For me I believe her beauty is the ultimate beauty there is. 
If you have doubt, feel free to comment or message me, I will personally introduce her to you... 😂😂😂
- Thought printed into words

Never say:

Never say you can't do it, try it until u can't try it anymore. You may not win it now but u will get the experience of failure which will make you more strong to other small failures in life.Never say yes if you have no plan to do it, for your answer today will lead to million sorry tomorrow. Never be afraid to tell what you feel, for tomorrow isn't promised to come.Never keep everything to yourself, speak up, cry out, shout, scribble, if possible make everything like it never occurred and it won't bother you again.Never lose hope in yourself, no man has earned their life through sheer luck, but through hard ship and hard work. Always remember that there is sun behind a cloudy day and this cloudy day won't be lasting long. FIght till you see the glimpse of hope and keep feeding those little hope to make it big.Never hurt anyone with your words nor with your actions, remember how you would feel if someone says or acts in a hateful way towards you.Never regret about…

When you call my name

I still wonder how beautiful a word can be,
When its spoken right out of your mouth.
Nothing feels the same to me,
Old age falls back into youth.When you call my name out loud,
Million cells dances away with it's sound.
Nothing feels the same to me,
Sadness melts down into happiness.When you call my name out loud,
Between thousand sounds around.
Nothing feels the same in me,
My whole body just melts down.The way you call out my name,
No music seems to compete it.
No mood seem to conqure it's warmth.
And no one can stop me to fall for you.Nothing seems more beautiful than my name,
When its spoken right out of your mouth.
Nothing feels the same. 
Nothing makes me happy like it.I wish you always call my name,
Like a bee wanting for its honey,
I am here waiting for you to call me
Just once more to feel it's power.