The beauty that I felt and saw

Sometimes it's not the color or the skin type that defines how someone looks beautiful. 
Sometimes the way they speak and they way they behave shows how beautiful they are in real life.
I found her to be beautiful beyond words could express and beyond beautiful word itself.
If beauty has a limit then I must say... her beauty breaks all bounds and all limits to be set.
No one is said to be more beautiful than Thik lay Choma but the combined outer and inner beauty of her can even surpass the beauty that of Godess Thik Lay Choma.
For me I believe her beauty is the ultimate beauty there is. 
If you have doubt, feel free to comment or message me, I will personally introduce her to you... 😂😂😂
- Thought printed into words

Never say:

Never say you can't do it, try it until u can't try it anymore. You may not win it now but u will get the experience of failure which will make you more strong to other small failures in life.Never say yes if you have no plan to do it, for your answer today will lead to million sorry tomorrow. Never be afraid to tell what you feel, for tomorrow isn't promised to come.Never keep everything to yourself, speak up, cry out, shout, scribble, if possible make everything like it never occurred and it won't bother you again.Never lose hope in yourself, no man has earned their life through sheer luck, but through hard ship and hard work. Always remember that there is sun behind a cloudy day and this cloudy day won't be lasting long. FIght till you see the glimpse of hope and keep feeding those little hope to make it big.Never hurt anyone with your words nor with your actions, remember how you would feel if someone says or acts in a hateful way towards you.Never regret about…

When you call my name

I still wonder how beautiful a word can be,
When its spoken right out of your mouth.
Nothing feels the same to me,
Old age falls back into youth.When you call my name out loud,
Million cells dances away with it's sound.
Nothing feels the same to me,
Sadness melts down into happiness.When you call my name out loud,
Between thousand sounds around.
Nothing feels the same in me,
My whole body just melts down.The way you call out my name,
No music seems to compete it.
No mood seem to conqure it's warmth.
And no one can stop me to fall for you.Nothing seems more beautiful than my name,
When its spoken right out of your mouth.
Nothing feels the same. 
Nothing makes me happy like it.I wish you always call my name,
Like a bee wanting for its honey,
I am here waiting for you to call me
Just once more to feel it's power.

Never judge others

No one is born perfect, we all are born with imperfections and that doesn't give us right to judge anyone. I am just writing so that we all could think and give second thought on our action before judging anyone... some of the few reason I found are stated below la:1. We never know how hard it's for them to accept the judgemental comments we all pass over but I see no reason why we have to judge them about that fault. I am sure they know and they are fighting mentally to fix it.2. We judge someone of working at a drayang with unimaginable slang words but have you ever wonder how much they wanted to ignore such works but still ends up doing it as they need to feed themselves and their loved ones.3. Some people are already suffering in this life and judging them just adds fuel to their ongoing suffering. We never know how much our one word can hurt them. So please let's not judge them.4. Some suffer from inferior feelings disorder, which makes them feel inferior to others an…

Nature and Us

As I lay there watching the forest through bus window.
The beauty of nature is breath taking to watch.
Untouched forest seems to hold a deep secret.
A secret we all are yet to be introduced with.Although it nearly end of winter,
All those trees still holds it's green color with golden floor.
Small oak trees growing beautifully along the road.
Witnessing millions pass by them day and night on road.Every tree has seen the development at its door steps.
Cried in fear of getting executed like their family.
Some lost their love to this developments.
Some are far witnessing the destruction befallen upon their family. Some are mere few meters tall.
Growing out into the world of uncertain.
Unknown about their fate at all.
Road widening leading to their destruction.The secret of pain befallen upon those beauties.
Haa roads are loaded with fallen beauties.
Fallen for the developmental activities.
The widening of road for our sake.I wonder if its worth the destruction.
I wonder if such des…

Impermenance of life

As I lay there watching the beautiful sun set,
Its beauty injects happiness into my life.
Yet as the sun slowly loses its heats and sets.
The sun depicts the impermenance of life.Sadly but nothing is permenant here.
No matter how rich you are,
No matter how intelligent you are, 
No matter how strong you are.When the life roles it's dice.
Every thing must come to its ultimate sense of reality.
The ultimate sense of impermenance.
We all must obey whats coming with full mentality.Appreciate what you have with your whole heart,
Share what you can with under privilege ones,
And most importantly learn to accept and forgive.
We may never know next birth or tomorrow will come first.No matter how beautiful a setting of sun may be,
It remains only for mere minutes to spare.
Life is too short to waste on unhappy things.
Focus on good things and be good.


A word MOTHER itself gives us a glimpse of hope..
When nothing seems to work, a smile from mother works like magic.
Nothing is lost until mother can't find it in our home.
Your shadow may betray you but mother will never betray her children.
Your love and care for me surpasses the measuring units.
Your sacrifices surpasses the limit of sacrificing.
To bring a smile on your face even for few seconds,
I am willing to give up on my own life.
When no one stood beside me, I found you.
When no one cared to help me, I found you.
When no one believed in my stupid dream, I found you.
You told me that I can do anything in this world and I believe you.