Never say:

Never say you can't do it, try it until u can't try it anymore. You may not win it now but u will get the experience of failure which will make you more strong to other small failures in life.

Never say yes if you have no plan to do it, for your answer today will lead to million sorry tomorrow.

Never be afraid to tell what you feel, for tomorrow isn't promised to come.

Never keep everything to yourself, speak up, cry out, shout, scribble, if possible make everything like it never occurred and it won't bother you again.

Never lose hope in yourself, no man has earned their life through sheer luck, but through hard ship and hard work. Always remember that there is sun behind a cloudy day and this cloudy day won't be lasting long. FIght till you see the glimpse of hope and keep feeding those little hope to make it big.

Never hurt anyone with your words nor with your actions, remember how you would feel if someone says or acts in a hateful way towards you.

Never regret about anything in life, some where in those moments, it gave you smile, gave you reason to look forward into future and gave you happiness and taught you about life.

Never keep your past near to you, keep it as far as possible and forget about it. In near future you will notice that it wasn't a good reason to shed tears or be sad about, it was just a little wisdom and little lessons of life.

Never say never to anything but remember when to put a limit. Sometimes those boundaries saves us lots of trouble in near future.

Never forget the lessons of life. Life is too short to learn those lessons again.

       -Thought printed into words-


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