She made a difference in my world

It was raining very heavily that time
When I was waiting for my friend,
It was getting late for school.
So when my friend came, we ran before I collided.

Collided with a girl so beautiful,
She apologised although it was my fault.
Her voice pierced through my heart,
Rang the bell of so long dead stone heart.

I couldnot stop staring at her although I was running.
Tried my best to capture her whole image.
Seeing her in the same uniform as I am wearing,
Gave me a hope of finding her and meeting her again.

For the second time I saw her next day in a shop.
All I knew was that  I was tempted to go near her,
Hear those heavenly voice again from the angel like her.
It felt warmth deep within my body.

To my astonishment, my classmate felt my weird behaviour.
Came close to me and gave me a look I still remember now.
I dragged her towards the corner of the shop,
Begged her to share me about her new friend.

For the third time we met near the school gate,
This time she was all alone heading towards school.
I too was alone, for we both were late for the assembly.
Later both of us were called to principal office.

Since that incident we have known each other,
Smiled at each other when ever our path crosses by,
I skipped heart beat every time she smiled my way,
Stupid me wants to be more than mere friend to her.

Now that we become familiar to each other,
I would always find a reason  to talk with her.
Slowly we became close to each other.
But fate did not like our closeness.

She wanted only friends but not boyfriend,
So I couldn't express my love towards her.
Time flew by keeping myself loaded with all those love for her.
We became best friend within two years.

Finally when I gathered all the guts to propose her,
It was too late for her to give any reply to me.
Her father got transferred to another Dzongkhag.
I felt so lost that I could hardly believe it.

The thought of being alone to school scared me,
I have became so fond of her that I could hardly bear her absence.
But all I can do was smile at her for her new beginning of life.
It hurts but have to let her go for my own good.

I am not sure how I will handle this situation,
I am not sure how to bid her farewell,
I am not sure will this be our last meeting,
I am not sure will we ever keep in contact hence forth.

All I know is that she made a difference in my world,
All I know is that love can be so painful sometimes.
Unsaid love and untreated wounds will take time to heal.
For now I have long night to think about what to do next.

(It's said that we will never forget our first love but in my case my second uncompleted love made a greater impact on my life.)


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