Love has a power to change someone

Ever since I joined College of Science and Technology, I have found myself with such an intelligent and confident friends to accompany myself. Almost everyone is talented in his or her own way. Among those friend, I met a friend who was different from all. He was cool and the best quality about him was his cool temper, I have never seen him angry nor he takes things to his heart. For him what ever people says doesn't matter, he is always happy and lost in his own happy world. May be that's why he was unique and I found him more open to everything.
He had a great personality but I never found him with a stable relationship, he would flirt around every girl he added on facebook. Some never replied to him while some found him open minded and started chatting with him.
I would always find him flirting around, once I jokingly told him that he was wasting his time flirting around and that this way he will never end up with the right person, but I never knew was what plan God has for him. Such flirting carried on for two more years and I was shocked how he can manage to flirt around with so many at once.
It was shocking to see that he finally stopped doing his flirting and was busy with calls, as usual I thought he was flirting until I found out that he was chatting with only one girl. You see it seems he has found himself a stable and fixed love of his life.
To be honest I never thought a guy who used to flirt so much that everyone would make fun of him would end up to be a committed lover at the end.
They are still going strong with their love although she has gone to Japan. He has been using net only to chat with her, I am still not sure the love of his life he met during flirting or is there a beautiful plot being plotted by the God for them to meet and find out that they are meant to be together.
I still finds it hard to believe how love can change someone from flirty to a committed lover...


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