Dear future wife,

I am not sure why you are late, I am still holding onto you to come and show me that this life is worth living. I have seen many girls but I have never met the one for whom I would get a rush of adrenaline, I want to meet you for I know when I will meet you the sky will cry out of happiness in any season, the brother Sun would shine the brightest and sister Wind would blow to show me what you are the one ment for me.

I have had enough experience with temporary love that now I am scared that every girl that will enter my life to love me will be temporary and would leave one day.

They say that God has created one soul mate for every living being but I am still in delima whether I have met you or are we yet to meet each other. I am not sure how you would look like or how good heart you will be but I do pray that who ever comes in my life as a wife should consider my parents as her like I will consider hers as mine. I want you to be my otherhalf and I promise you I will create heaven right here on earth for you.

I don't care how you look as long as we are meant to be because ages later the kind of face and complexion you have wouldn't matter for it will be faded. The only thing that can withstand the power of time is love.

If by chance I ever fall out of love with you, I will always remember how we first time met and replay all those memories to make myself fall in love again.


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