3 things that makes a relationship more beautiful and strong

I am not a professional when it comes to relationship but I do know that for any relationship to work, three main things should be there; trust, faith and most importantly commitment from both side.

1. Trust
Firstly make sure you don't play with this word. Its merely 5 letter word but it can destroy a well built relationship.

Always maintain and work towards making it more strong.

Don't let your partner ever doubt and clear the doubt before it does more damage later. Many relationship fails because we always keep what we heard and what we saw as a secret until we use it all at once. Just keep in mind that what we heard or saw may just be half truth and the main truth may be totally opposite.

If you feel that you are doubting your partner about something then feel free to clear it out. Sometimes staying quite does more damage than speaking up openly.
Trust your partner until you have a prove but make sure you have talked with your partner about your prove before blaming it all on your partner. Always listen to what your partner has to say on it.

If you trust your partner then you get a sense of relief that no matter what happens in life  your partner will always be there and support you and you know that you will support your partner till death takes you apart.

2. Faith
Some times you just have to have a faith when things go wrong and having a faith that the hard time your relationship is going through will make it strong and more beautiful helps to calm you down and reflect what is really the matter that need to be addressed.

A calm mind can find solution for any problems. Sometimes problms may not be in our hand to be resolved but having a faith that God will help if you help yourself does the trick and it may take time but eventually everything will fall back in its place the way it use to be and even more better than before.

Sometimes we might feel that we are doing all the work and other side isn't bothered at all to make the relationship strong but we never know because other partner may be doing their best to work it out. May be we are too concentrated on ourself that we fail to see how much someone else is doing.

Always acknowledge your partner when they try to make it better. Sometimes little things makes big difference in long run.
Having a faith that your partner loves you more than you and that you should love them even more makes the love competition even more wild and makes the love between the partners more strong and beautiful.

3. Commitment
The most important ingredient that is needed in a relationship would be commitment.  This 10 letter word makes all the difference when it comes to anything we do in life. Without commitment nothing will work well be it job, hobby, marriage, love and all.

No matter how good, sincere, lovely you maybe but if you don't have commitment towards your partner, any built relationship would eventually collapse.
Commitment can be compared to the foundation and we all know that without a good foundation eventually a nature cause will take place and everything will fall apart.

If you are committed to your partner and vice versa, there aren't no power to destroy your relationship. Even God himself cannot break it unless death makes its entry.

Commitment can be so strong that even the greatest force of nature cannot break it. 
With the above 3 mentioned ingredient of life, a relationship would sail freely and openly in an ocean of love and bliss.

If any more ingredient are there which you all reader thinks that is important then please share with me. I am not a professional when it comes to relationship but speaking out what I have observed and felt is important is being shared here... Thanks for going through it... 


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