A beauty worth dieing for

As the sun slowly hide himself behind a curtain of cloud,
The gush of wind blew over slowly introducing her scent.
Sun was compareless to the brightness she possessed.
The scent so sharp melted down my heart.
Those silky yellow hair moved on its own,
Enchanting all around it to its beauty.

Even the beauty of winter stars were compareless,
Even the beauty of autumn season over the decidious forest were compareless,
To the beauty she was born with.
A beauty solely owned to conqure the heart of every man it encounters.
A beauty worth dieing for.

Her one stare could freeze you in that moment,
Her one look can stop your heart beat,
The way she moves makes you stare at her.
The way she moves her finger through her hair,
You can see it as if you are in a slow motion movie.
There is beauty in everything she does.

And if you ever see someone like her,
A girl of beauty worth dieing for,
A girl whose every moves makes you amazed,
My dear brother, you better go for check up,
Chances are there you are losing it all.
Losing your sense of reality...😂😂😂

Sketched by Kinley Norbu (aka Dpo)


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