Beautiful Ghost of Haa

All though Haa Dzongkhag is blessed with one of the most spectacular view such as Ri_Sum, view of Mt. Jhomolhari frm Chelela, cold water fishery.

It also has a secret that's been there dwelling into every person's mind which has been passed onto by elders.

One such secret is the story of a beautiful girl who is said to be a beautiful ghost that one meets when one travels alone at late night near the army camp towards the Haa lower market.

It's said that one dies of illness or unknown sickness if one come across her while travelling late night alone. It always gives me a shiver deep down my spine when ever I reach that place. It's unknown whether it's a truth or some scary story to prevent children's from roaming late night. What ever be the case  but I find it still scary to think about walking from there at late night alone. Well let me share you a story that's been passed onto me by an aunt when I was a mere small boy.

" It happen one summer night with a clear moon sky, Mr. X (sorry I don't remember the name) was returning from his friends house alone drunk and singing, he was moving towards the lower market from his friend house which was near Imtrat hospital. When he reached near the junction which is above army camp (DemoCompany), he encountered a beautiful girl. She told him that she was scared to go alone as she has heard many scary story regarding that road towards lower market from army camp. Mr. X just smiled at her and said that he too was on his way to lower market, he couldn't see her face although it was a full moon night. It's said that she had a sweet voice and that she was talking as if they have known each other for long time, he was drunk so he even didn't care to ask her where she stays or from where she was coming.

They were talking and walking together till they reached the GUDHSS, there she told him that she has reached her home. He didn't even care to ask her whether she was living inside the school. He left her there and walked few meters and then when he looked back, she was still there this time facing towards the old tree right beside the bridge (I do remember seeing an old tree there when I was small). He was shocked when he saw that she had no legs but was floating above the road with her white kira and entered the old tree.

At once he got a shock and he ran towards the lower market, while reaching lower market he felt a sense of relief by hearing the dogs barking.  He at once rushed towards his house and share what happened to his wife and children, he became severely sick and died few days later.  Before he died, he had shared about a beautiful girl wearing a white kira with a black silky hair covering her face that had no legs that he met on his way and whom he saw entering the old tree."

There are many such stories but with same ghost and place but different persons. I am still not sure it's a truth or a mere scary story but one thing is for sure, I have spent my childhood days here at Haa and I still remember that old dead tree with a hole in its trunk that was right beside the bridge. Later it was removed and an old chorten resides just below the old tree's exact location. It is an old chorten made of mud and stone, not the new one made of cements. It's in the right side of the bridge. If you all ever come to Haa you can see it for yourself. # It's a story I heard when I was a small boy, I take no credit of it being a real one although we never know, it's being shared because such stories were what made our childhood days a beautiful one#


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