Silently she cries in the silence of night

Yeshi always wanted to do something great in her life, she always believed that her existence was not merely to occupy a space in this world but to fullfilled a destined work alocated just for her.

With a hope, she goes to Thimphu the city of dream come true.

Everything goes as per her plan, she gets a job of a sell girl, her employee gave her food and lodging.

She felt like she could save some money to sent back home at her village to her poor parents. She was a very hardworking girl, she did all she could to sell and attract customers.

A news got spread about how polite and soft speaking she was and it in turn ended up attracting more customers. Everything was going fine until a fine looking guy entered into her life

He was a good looking guy with a soft flattering worded guy, he usually came to her shop to buy and eventually both of them became friend. He would never miss a chance to flirt with her with his flattering words.

Things started to change for her, her saving were being used for recharging his mobile balance and before she can find out the ultimate truth, she has used up all her savings and her salary just to entertain her love and his greed. She even ended up taking credits to sent money back home.

When her saving was exhausted and she could no more pay the bills for his entertainments and recharge his balance, he left her there. Left her broken, shattered and most of all he used her for his own greed.

She couldn't believe what just happened, all her beautiful world just collapse. Her savings were gone, she had no money to sent back home and the credit she has taken is too high to pay with her current job.

She finally ended up joining Drayang, the tips that she got every time, she saved it and used it to pay her credits. Life was tough for her, in silence she would always cry. In those silent night, only her tears can be seen, for she is crying inside.

She would always show a fake smile but silently she always cried, yet knowing that her money is helping her poor family back at village gave her hope.

Now she talks harshly, acts like she don't care but once she was different, once she was a girl with beautiful dreams now she only thinks about her self and her family.

It may look like love and commitment means nothing to her but believe me deep inside her, she wants to be loved and she wants to have a happy married life but her experince always tells her not to trust.

Next time you all go to Drayang and all, please think twice before calling them with slang and harsh words. We never know how much those words would hurt them. They may reply back with more slang words but silently they would be crying for hearing such words about them. You may say such words and go back home with no problem but those girls would go back to their room and cry out loud and blame themselves. Although they may have no fault.

There are many Yeshi like girl out there who are trying there best to make a living, they have a family back at village to support. Please help them if not at least don't ruin them... Thank you...

Mistakes under your sweet correction.


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