Life of Patrolling Police Officer

As and when the sun sets and the silence of night over takes the Capital, the real duty of Pema starts. He is a police officer who has to keep the Thimphu city save for all its inhabitants.

It's cold out there but he still manages to keep a smile and cracks jokes with his friend as and when they go for patrolling the capital city.

He feels proud for he knows that he is the reason why people are able to sleep soundly at night without fear of being killed or robbed.

As and when his team makes the patrolling, the cold ice wind welcomes them with a pain that of a pricking needle onto the skin. Yet he still makes sure he checks every nock and corner of the city.

His pay is just enough to sustain him but he has to do the job that's should be paid more, when all are sleeping warmly at their cozy houses. There you can see Pema and his team constantly patrolling every nighy so that people like us can be save.

Have we ever wonder how cold and how risky it is to patrol at late night. 

Pema remembers the time when his team was nearly over ran by straw dogs, some times they get into trouble as they never know who or what might be waiting for them in those silence night. There were times when they were hit with showers of stones from unknown direction.

Although it's a risky job yet Pema and his teams never loses a sweat to keep their fear and unknown fate of those silence night aside to go out there at night every time to keep the city save and sound.

When ever I go back home at night, seeing Pema like people doing their works sincerely every night gives me a feel that nothing wrong can happen as long as they are there to protect the night.

Definitely they are the Night Angels of the silence night that makes sure nothing wrong happen to its inhabitants.

By the time Pema reaches his home, he is too tired to even cook a meal and ends up sleeping directly from the duty. Yet he still continues his daily routine as usual no matter how tough it is.

We should respect them and well I believe that Police deserves the highest respect among all the occupation out there...  Just my opinion la... Thank you...


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