A thousand thoughts

As I lay there under the tree,
Thousand flawless thoughts roams free
Every blowing wind chants about thee.
About how beautiful a person you are.
Every chanting words like an art,
Gets imprinted into my wall of heart.

Outnumbering the leaves of the tree,
Thousand thoughts runs free;
Thoughts of marrying you my dear.
Thoughts of having you near.
Thoughts of getting old together.
Thoughts of being your Mr. Perfect.

Thoughts accumulates into a beautiful sea.
Sea so vast, it's other end I can hardly see.
Sea so deep, I seems to sink in its beauty.
A mere boat is all I need to experience it's beauty.
A boat I am trying very hard to get.
Every interview takes me far away from the boat.

A beautiful boat is all we need for now.
A boat that will keep us dry and happy.
I felt a boat was a mere one step away from graduation.
Who knew it was just my imagination.
Reality was out of my sense to comprehend.
I need you to give me courage by holding my hand.

A beautiful dream now turned to mere thoughts.
A dream so beautiful once it was:
I will be the captain, you be my firstmate.
I will be the ocean, you be my waves.
I will be the sun, you be my rays.
I will be the King, you be my Princess.

When my senses came into reality,
I was there still daydreaming under the tree.
Thousand thoughts still flowing free.
Free into the cold winter weather,
Through the leaves it still flows,
Flows with everlasting love and bliss.

For now all I know is;
Wait for me for I will wait for you.
A beautiful future I will create just for us.
A future both of us would be proud of.
A future our children will grow in.
Just wait for me to get a boat for us to

Win this little journey of life.
Lets win it together till the end.


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