Coincident or God's doing


As we started our journey back to Haa from Phuentsholing in a taxi, a sense of happiness engulfed me. The sense of secure and mind relieving emotions filled me, we were only two passenger to travel towards Haa.

It was 1:23 PM when we started the journey, as we moved by RIGSS Building, 2 ladies joined us on the journey, they wanted to go till Rametay.

Well the sense of being accompanied by ladies definitely drives ones happiness beyond words, in a good way though. But after nearly 20 minutes we were near Rametay and the two ladies got off the taxi, paid the fare to taxi driver and flashed a smile towards me. 😂 well ok, may be it was for taxi driver but I felt it too.

After few minutes, I requested the driver to stop the taxi as i wanted to buy some oranges from the road side vendor. When I was buying the oranges, an elderly monk asked the driver to take him till Chuzom.

Few minutes of words where shared between monk and the driver and the fare was fixed, Nu.400 till Chuzom.

I bought 3 plastic full of oranges for Nu. 300 and 2 plastic full of cooked cassava (Shing Jog Tang) a perfect little return gift back home.

Our journey continued, it was a cloudy day and I could notice some dark clouds hovering above in the sky. Since it was a gloomy weather, I crossed my eyes and went for a quick nape. The monk was chanting his mantras and it definitely gave me a comfortable feeling to fall asleep.

As I opened my eye after a quick nape, we had crossed Gedu. It was slightly raining and we could hear the hailstones hitting the vehicle.

Suddenly the dark fogs engulfed us making the surrounding look like a dark forest, it looked as if it was a night time since it was quite dark outside.

Suddenly driver said, "Today it looks as if I am driving on a different and unknown road."

As and when he said that I felt this strange feeling engulf me as if someone up there was signaling for something to happen.

Krrr. Rrrr..., our taxi slides over as Driver tries to make a turn.

It takes us few meters away from the road, luckly there was few meters of land away from the road side where the brakes worked.

We all remain there for few seconds in a complete silence. A silence loaded with full of mixed emotions; fear, shock and confusion.

We all were in utter shock, driver restarted the car, he didn't say anything. He slowly looked back at us and looked at us as if to see if anyone of us was injured.

Driver cracked a joke about how close we were to experience a helicopter ride down the cliff, other two passenger laughed half heartily where as I felt how strange it was, the minute he said that he felt like driving on a different road, the accident occurred.

As we continued our journey, we were not the only one who experienced that moment,  few kilometer up the road,we saw a loaded bolero tilted 45 degree to the mountain, and again after few minutes we saw a car being pulled by other vehicle away from the cliff.

I knew how close we were to die there, luckly no one we meet on the road had serious accident. Our driver drove slowly so as to prevent any mishaps. The elder monk beside me started chanting his mantras again.

I am not so much into religion but I really felt this deep connection with the God when I saw how luckly we were to be able to prevent such an accident.

As the elder monk was chanting, I closed my eyes and started chanting mantra in my mind.

Definitely I was lucky to have that elder monk with us, for I felt that it was his good merits that saved us yesterday.
Definitely he was a God in disguise.

When we reached Chuzom, I smiled at elderly monk and he smiled back and said something I might never forget.

He said, "I am glad I was with you all and it was a happy journey," in sharshop.

It was as if he knew something like this was suppose to happen and he came to rescue. Sadly I didn't even ask his name  but only shared few conversation along the way.

It really feels great to have gone through such accident and come out alive. Definitely someone above is watching us.

At Chuzom, a young monk accompanied us, I really felt happy as again a monk would be travelling with us on the journey.

Few meters away from Chuzom, I received a call from my sister informing me that it was snowing heavily at Haa.

Well Haa road is known for its turns and for its narrow roads but I was feeling save for I felt that maybe this young monk was here to save the day again.

When we reached near Wanakha Central School, we were engulfed with snow fall and foggy weather. I looked at the monk and smiled at him, he smiled back and I took that smile as a sign of save journey till my house.

Since the young monk was with us, the journey didn't face any trouble and we had a smooth drive. The young monk stopped the taxi at Tsulungkha and he disappeared into the snowfall.

Now that I was near to my home, I just relaxed back on the sit and thought of how strange it was today. Being accompanied by monk and having averted such an accident

Then again accompanied by second monk after the first one left. Is it just coincident or was it God's doing to take me home save. I wonder and well I am glad I am alive. PLEASE be save and drive carefully while travelling to Phuentsholing... Thank you... Chant some mantras for save journey...


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