It's when you miss her at your busiest hour that you love her not at 1 or 2 am when you are alone...

It's when no matter how angry you are, you always have an ear to listen to her no matter how silly talk it is.

It's when suddenly you miss her for no concrete reasons, looking back at your phone just seeing her name on the contact list gives you a smile, that's love.

It's when you think about her happiness more than your own.

It's when you are scared to lose her although you haven't done anything wrong.

It's when you handover your salary to your wife so that she can manage the house running budget.

It's when little change in her behaviour hurts you alot.

It's when even without being in contact for few days or week won't create any ackwardness when next time you chat with her.

It's when no matter shy guys you are, you always gets a chance to show your true self.

It's when you get the urge to live your life with her not that you can't live without her.

It's when you feel save in her presence.

It's when you feel like irritating her for every little things.

It's when you treat her more like a lady than some mere puppet to have a pleasurable time.

It's when you discuss things with her before doing it.

It's when you feel the important of her opinion on the most important life matters.

It's when you get this intense pain when ever she ignores you.

It's when you place her in your life as a needed person that you love her.

If any more reason are there I am open to opinions la...

It's merely for fun reading... My opinions and what I feel... happy reading 😀😀😀


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