As I am sitting next to Bukhari sipping down my hot suja, a sweet memory just plays itself into my saturated frozen brain due to Haa cold weather;

“Every time I would gaze from my window just to catch a glimpse of her. I wonder if she has any idea how much she means to me, I wonder if she will ever know how I feels about her deep inside my heart and soul. I am not sure how much of love can I hide inside myself, sometimes it feels as if I will explode trying to hide all those beautiful moments I have about her although all those moments are just about her and what she has been doing.

I still remember how I met her for the first time near the Kharpandi Goenpa, I have met many girls in my life but I have never seen someone who is so much into helping others. I still remember you helping that old lady to walk towards the Goenpa. I was there few steps behind you just admiring how carefully and slowly you were helping that old lady. She is in her early 80’s for I have talked with her ever since I joined CST and went to Goenpa  for evening walk, I saw your friends leaving you behind all alone with that old lady.

She just kept on helping that old lady, she took her to that small shop near the Goenpa and made the old lady to sit on the chair. I have seen that old lady couple of times near the Goenpa all alone and never saw anyone helping her once also. I saw that the old lady was happy to be with her for she was so keen on helping that old lady. The last time I saw a smile on her face was when I offered her a cup of tea with hot momo for it was raining that day at the Goenpa. 

Well this time I see that old lady is happier than before when I was helping her, the way she was looking at the old lady drinking that tea really makes me wonder what is running in her mind. I am just amazed how she can smile and keep on helping that old lady although she is just a stranger whom she met by chance near the Kharpandi Goenpa gate. I was there looking at her when she left the old lady at her regular sitting place in front of the Goenpa.
She just smiled at the old lady for last time and went away towards her friends who were all busy taking selfies at the Goenpa.  I just went towards that old lady and as usual I gave her a smile and chatted with her for a while before my friends reached Goenpa from the hostel.

I have met that girl only once but I never thought she will keep an impression on me, even while returning back to my hostel, the way she was helping that old lady kept on playing on my mind. I knew she was one of the students here but I had no idea which field and which year she was.

Since I am first year, I wasn’t at all sure how to find out about her but I know that the only chance I have of meeting her is at Goenpa. I was excited by the thought of meeting her again tomorrow. All I remember is her heart melting smile and her helping nature.

As I head back to my hostel through the shortcut above the Goenpa, I notice a glimpse of her. I carefully act as if I left something at Goenpa and lets my friend to go on their own.

As I lay there near the wall, I can see clearly how much she is happy feeding those newly born puppies. The way she is touching them and padding them one by one, I have noticed those puppies but never dared to go near them for I didn’t want to be attacked by its mother. 

I must say she is brave enough to go there and touch the puppies near its mother. It seems she is a regular visitor for I don’t see any objection from the mother side.

As she pulls out a packet of biscuits and starts to feed them, I get this pinch in my heart. A strange feeling engulfs me, each ticking second sound of my wrist watch was so loud to my dear ears. My eyes wanted to capture her whole image but my brain knew that I was acting like a desperate baby. I somehow convinced myself to let go of this feeling this time and hurry back to hostel.

I am not sure why God favored me because I had no idea I could see her early in the morning, I was just opening my curtain and then there she was with her friend going for breakfast, I could hardly believe myself. A rush of hormone kicked in and within 5 minutes I too was on my way to dining hall from my hostel. There I saw her at the right corner of the dining hall eating her breakfast, since it was early around 7:10 Am, the number of students dining were very less. I sat at the left corner most just to get the perfect view of her.

Since then I have always been looking from my window to see if she is going for breakfast or not, so that I could just get another chance to see her again.”

It gets too hot to sit near Bukhari so I move backward trying to ease myself thereby disrupting the flashback going on in my brain. I surely was into her those days ha ha…

Coming back to the reality, I must say those days were the best days of my life. Love, happiness, crush, admire filled my soul those days. How I wish those moments could be rewind and relive...

Hope it was fun to read… Please bear if any mistakes... Thank you...

Kharpandi Goenpa (Sorry I only know by this name)
Situated over a small hill with spectacular view point.
Just below College of Science and Technology (CST)


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