I promise you (Chapter 3)

As Tshering receives the chit, Pema without saying any words walks directly towards the academic block. She neither looks back nor greets anyone she meets on the way. It is unusual for her to act so weird when she is mostly talkative among the cstians. Tshering reads the chit slowly to himself,

"Dear Tshering,

I am not sure how to say it but since it came to this situation, I have no other option but to tell you the truth.

We have known each other from highschool, ended up in same college and now we are nearly completing our course. I must say you have been one of the best person I ever met in my life, you always hold me when even I couldn't hold myself up.

I have been in countless relationships and it feels akward to see you fall for me, I ain't the right girl for you. I am sorry I can't accept your proposal, I know I will regret later about it  but for now lets  do our exam well.

I know it will be hard for you to accept this but sorry I can't accept it, I don't want to lose you. I have lost every person I ever loved.

If for some reason we break up then I will lose you like others. I don't want that to happen, I hope you would understand.

With love
Pema      "

His eyes gets filled with tears, still he tries to smile and neatly folds back the letter and puts it in his wallet.

That letter was like a big blow in his loving heart, he acted normal and hurried to the academic block as it was time for the first period. As he passes by her class, he glances into her class just to find that Pema was already looking at him. He just smiled and pretended as if nothing happened few minutes ago.

Pema could tell that he was hurt, she being the reason, she made up her mind to not meet him before the semester exam ends. Just a week to go for their final semester exam, they both anonymously thought of not seeing each other would be a good decision before the end semester examination.

As usual Pema went to library to study and Tshering went to lab to study. Finally exam ended with both of them not seeing each other for about 3 weeks now.

Since it was few precious last day at college, all the department organised their own way to bit farewell to the final years. Pema was busy with her own department gathering and Tshering too was engaged with the farewell gathering.

It was party all night, even the shyest person came out to live the last moment of college life with songs and dances. Both of them couldn't meet each other that night.

Next morning Tshering requested his friend Dema to call Pema and request her to come meet him near the water tank. As Tshering waits patiently, he receives a call from his friend urgently telling him to come to Phuentsholing hospital as his friend's son wants to see him before he dies.

Tshering was so much attached with his friend's son that he shed tears on the spot and ran towards the gate, he was completely blank to even notice that Pema just smiled at him and waved at him.

Pema was shocked to see that he rushed towards the gate with eyes full of tears and then stopped a taxi and went away. She couldnt believe what just happened. It was the last time she saw Tshering at college. She tried to call his cellphone but all in vain, his phone was switched off.

As she continues to think about what happened that day 7 years ago, she didnt even notice that she has reached her aunt's house.

She tried to lighten herself up, smiled and knocked the door.

As she awaits for the door to open, at the corner of her eyes she feels as if she saw a small boy running away behind the house. Her reflex were quick to response and before she could tell, she was following that image behind the house.

As she reaches at the back of the house, she finds nobody there. She still feels as if that boy is around and keeps on looking around the house. She didn't even notice that she was acting weird in front of her neighbours.

But out of blue, she knew that she would meet Tshering again as every time she met that little boy, she met Tshering.
She wasn't wrong, Tshering's apartment was just few blocks away from her aunt's house. He was on his way towards his apartment, as Pema sits there on a wooden log chair, Tshering sees her and comes directly towards her.


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