Nature and Us

As I lay there watching the forest through bus window.
The beauty of nature is breath taking to watch.
Untouched forest seems to hold a deep secret.
A secret we all are yet to be introduced with.

Although it nearly end of winter,
All those trees still holds it's green color with golden floor.
Small oak trees growing beautifully along the road.
Witnessing millions pass by them day and night on road.

Every tree has seen the development at its door steps.
Cried in fear of getting executed like their family.
Some lost their love to this developments.
Some are far witnessing the destruction befallen upon their family.

Some are mere few meters tall.
Growing out into the world of uncertain.
Unknown about their fate at all.
Road widening leading to their destruction.

The secret of pain befallen upon those beauties.
Haa roads are loaded with fallen beauties.
Fallen for the developmental activities.
The widening of road for our sake.

I wonder if its worth the destruction.
I wonder if such destruction could be replaced.
I wonder if this will be the last destruction.
I wonder would this be enough to feed our greed.

Only time will tell how our developmental activity plan were,
Only time will tell how wrong or right we were.
Only time will tell if it was the best action.
Only time will tell was this the best solution.


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