Never judge others

No one is born perfect, we all are born with imperfections and that doesn't give us right to judge anyone. I am just writing so that we all could think and give second thought on our action before judging anyone... some of the few reason I found are stated below la:

1. We never know how hard it's for them to accept the judgemental comments we all pass over but I see no reason why we have to judge them about that fault. I am sure they know and they are fighting mentally to fix it.

2. We judge someone of working at a drayang with unimaginable slang words but have you ever wonder how much they wanted to ignore such works but still ends up doing it as they need to feed themselves and their loved ones.

3. Some people are already suffering in this life and judging them just adds fuel to their ongoing suffering. We never know how much our one word can hurt them. So please let's not judge them.

4. Some suffer from inferior feelings disorder, which makes them feel inferior to others and judging them can be disaster.

5. When we judge others, it doesn't define them but it defines our character.

6. When ever we see a fault in others, we should put ourself into their shoe and try to feel how you would feel if someone judges you for a fault which can be corrected with mutual talking.

7. We end up judging other so much that we lose our own value in the long run and we become someone whom we always hated to be. A person interfering into others business.

8. We judge someone of being poor, old fashion and old timer but have we ever wondered how tough their life maybe. Some people arnt lucky like us, they have to earn every bit of food they get on their plate.

9. Sometimes it better to be accept someoen the way they are then to judge and create disharmony in oneself.

10. Judging is a disease and it can be cured through constant reminding, reminding of how different we all are in terms of how we look, behave and look like.

11. Judging by the caste system is the worst judging I can see for we all are the product of God's wish and dreams. He created us all same and I see no reason how he is lower than you or how she is higher than you.

12. Judging someone based on gender isn't cool as what I can do, I am 100% sure she can do it. Telling someone you can't do it because it's meant for man or for woman only is a stupid reason to judge someone but it doesnt mean we need a steonh reason to judge. Judging someone for who they are is crime which can be punished by KARMA and FATE.

I hope some of this points might help us not to judge someone. Thank you...


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