Impermenance of life

As I lay there watching the beautiful sun set,
Its beauty injects happiness into my life.
Yet as the sun slowly loses its heats and sets.
The sun depicts the impermenance of life.

Sadly but nothing is permenant here.
No matter how rich you are,
No matter how intelligent you are, 
No matter how strong you are.

When the life roles it's dice.
Every thing must come to its ultimate sense of reality.
The ultimate sense of impermenance.
We all must obey whats coming with full mentality.

Appreciate what you have with your whole heart,
Share what you can with under privilege ones,
And most importantly learn to accept and forgive.
We may never know next birth or tomorrow will come first.

No matter how beautiful a setting of sun may be,
It remains only for mere minutes to spare.
Life is too short to waste on unhappy things.
Focus on good things and be good.


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