Missing my ex Druk 11000

I really miss those days when my love... Druk 11000 was only Nu.60. Those were the best memories of my life. Later it cost Nu.70, the cost was in my budget so with pain in my poor pocket I still went for her. She was what kept me occupied from all this fake world. Recently she broke my heart when it costed Nu.80. My poor pocket couldn't bear it and had to go for second love Miss Rockbee. She was good but unlike my ex she wasn't that good yet she was only Nu.20 per peck so, it was good for my poor pocket.

I went to Paro from Haa just to refresh myself and I convinced myself to go for my ex last time there at Paro. I went in a bar, saw her there staring at me as if to tell me how much she missed me. I couldn't resist the temptation and so as planned went for her for last time. It would be my last farewell to her. We were face to face njoying each others company for last time. It was heart breaking to bit farewell but what broke and shattered my heart was when the bar owner said it was Nu.100 per Druk 11000. It seems now she is really out of my league. Miss u my love...

#I got a good response on tcp#so thought of posting it here...


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